Imagine The Best Version Of Yourself And Show Up Every Day As Her

Uncategorized May 13, 2022

I can see “future YOU” in my crystal ball. You’ve become a force of nature - operating from a place of clarity and certainty. You know *exactly* what is most important to you, day-to-day. You are checking items off that bucket list - with the resources to consistently take action. Every day, you take steps towards legacy-building generational wealth. When you need an outside perspective, you have a network of experienced women to bring your concerns to and get relevant, supportive feedback.

Now, want to know what your day-to-day looks like? Back to that crystal ball...

- You can step away from your office when another priority needs your attention - a kid’s activity, a family member or a friend needs some face time, or when self-care calls.

- It's a joy and your pleasure to share your successes with those who wish they could have the same freedom.

- When there’s a purchase you’d like to make, you don’t hesitate - because you have a thriving...

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Wealthy Goddess Spotlight: 3 Incredible Women on Our Student Success Panel

Uncategorized May 05, 2022

Hey Cammy,

Ready to be inspired? It's time for the Goddess Spotlight!  Actually, today you get 3 for 1! I'm spotlighting the 3 amazing goddesses that were on the student success panel from our recent Wealth Through Real Estate Highlights Event that happened last Saturday, April 23. 

In the Goddess Spotlight, I introduce you to members of our community who are successfully building their real estate portfolios and are on their way to financial freedom. Some are relatively new, while others have been at it for a while.

These goddesses invest in almost every niche imaginable, and they ALL have a lot of insight to share!

Today, I'm sharing the student success panel with Donna Byron, Glacia Cooper, and Cynthia Williams.  These 3 superstars have been in the Wealthy Goddess Program for as little as 2 months (Cynthia) to as long as 2 years (Donna), and they shared what has led to each of their stunning amounts of...

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This is The Most Important Financial Literacy Topic Most of Us Are Never Taught

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

In honor of financial literacy, I wanted to share on a topic that I think is one of the most important things to know financially. Learning this can be the difference between financial security and financial devastation, but unfortunately few people are taught this.  In fact, most people are unwittingly taught the opposite. This topic is How to Create Crisis-Proof Finances and was the topic of my recent TEDx talk. 

Check it out in the video below. (Please note that the sound gets a bit wonky around 8'14 for about 10 seconds and then comes back.)  


I remember the day my boss called me into his office. 

I was excited for this talk! I thought all those nights of working past midnight at the law firm had finally paid off and he was going to give me the bonus I’d been expecting.  I also thought the conversation would touch upon my maternity benefits. I was five-and-a-half months pregnant and the previous week I told him I was...

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What Does Your Physical and Financial Health Have In Common?

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2022

A while back, I decided it was time to show my body the respect of eating healthy, sleeping more, moving regularly and generally taking better care of myself.

All wonderful things that I knew would have a positive impact on my life.
But, despite knowing it was good for me, I struggled. I stopped, I started. I missed days. I’d forget and brush off my intentions for the day, and then feel like I was starting all over again the next day. And then, one of my beautiful friends told me that she was working on some life changes to get healthier and that it was working. I started following her program. I got into a community of support and had people that I could call upon for favorite foods, workouts, and great restaurants that didn’t derail our plans. We checked in with each other and texted reminders about that workout and drinking more water.

It made all the difference to have someone walking this path with me - a group of people walking with me.. People I cared about....

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How this Busy Mom Attorney Acquired 5 Deals in One Year

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2022

Ready to be inspired? It's time for a Goddess Spotlight!

In these Goddess Spotlights, I introduce you to members of our community who are successfully building their real estate portfolios and are on their way to financial freedom. Some are relatively new, while others have been at it for a while.

These goddesses invest in almost every niche imaginable, and they ALL have a lot of insight to share!

Today, I'm sharing my interview with Allison Ruhlman - our Wealthy Goddess of the Month!


Here’s a recap of what we talked about:

How nothing you want is in your comfort zone and how you have to get uncomfortable in this process.
Why it's not about networking. It's about relationship-building. And the more relationships you have, the better.
How the connections she made in the program allowed her to finally "get in the game" and acquire 5 deals in one year.
The importance of not letting fear stop you. Do the mindset work to deal with the inevitable fear....

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Monday Motivation

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022

When trying to figure out where to invest, especially in the path of progress, a strategy I've learned is to buy at the line, move the line. This means you find a property at the line of a nicer area where the area starts becoming not-so-nice and the properties are cheaper. Invest in a property on that border, improve that property, and the nice area is expanded and your property is in a desirable place to live. Now you have moved the line. This helps expand and improve the community while giving you a hack for finding a discounted property in a good location.

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Why Is Sisterhood So Good For Us?

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2022

There are several studies that highlight how women are biologically wired to be around other women.

One of nature’s “feel good” hormones - Oxytocin, the “bonding hormone”, is released in women’s brains in 3 instances: during sex, during breastfeeding, and when women are in groups of other women.

Our brain dumps oxytocin to tell us when something is good for us. It feels good so we will repeat it. Nature has us wired to bond with our lovers, our babies, and other women.

In a UCLA study, scientists found that when stressed, men tended to go off alone or react aggressively (“fight or flight”). Women, on the other hand, tend to their young or gather together to commiserate, cook, and be with others, usually other women (“tend and befriend”).

For women, getting together with other women is one of the healthiest and most effective forms of stress relief. It feels particularly good because of all that oxytocin that is released...

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Monday Motivation

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022
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Why is Real Estate the Most Profitable Investing Option

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2022

I often hear people say that they feel more comfortable investing in the stock market or keeping their money in a bank account. To them, this choice feels safer and more reliable. But this is a myth. I believe that they say this because they have not done the work of comparing how money grows in different investments. So I’ve broken it down for you.


Let’s say you start with $50,000. Now if you put that money in a bank account, where it compounds at 1% interest, after 20 years you will have made a profit of $11,009.50.

Now let’s say you want to invest that money and you choose to invest that $50,000 in the stock market, which averages a 7% annual return on investment. So after 20 years compounding at 7% you will make a profit of $143,484.

Now let’s compare those two options to real estate investing. Let’s say you purchase five 3/2 single-family houses in Cleveland, OH for $50,000 down (20% of value - $250,000 total in assets). The average rent for...

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Monday Motivation

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

No one can do it alone. That's why we believe so strongly in the power of a team, the power of community, the power of sisterhood. It takes a ton of support, encouragement and creativity to succeed in real estate investing. That's why we created this community of REI Goddesses.

You don't have to do this alone. We are here to help.

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