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" The Ultimate Retirement Plan for Real Estate Investors to get REAL Control of their 401k & IRA money and use it for acquiring property!"

— Monick Halm

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AHP Servicing purchases loans that have fallen behind in payments but that have the potential to be restructured or settled. Your investment helps communities across America and earns up to 10% per year.

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Roofstock is the number one marketplace for buying and selling single-family rental homes. It's a really innovative model for finding rental properties to purchase in other states. Check it out!

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AHP Servicing – Interview with DeAnn O'Donovan

Investing in Distressed Loans for as Little as $100 -- Interview with DeAnn O'Donovan, President & CEO of AHP Servicing, a specialty servicer of past due residential mortgages. 

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Roofstock – Interview with Maddy Shields

Maddy Shields, Sales Manager at Roofstock shares a really innovative model for finding rental properties in another state.

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