12 strategies to get you invested in real estate regardless of your schedule or budget.

“ Monick opened my eyes to all the different ways of investing in real estate. I am now invested passively in 2 syndications and a performing note, with $2500 a month passive income, and don’t have any lazy money sitting in a savings account earning 0.01%.”   - Bernardette Williams

Are You a Real Estate Investor Goddess?

Real Estate Investor Goddess

1. A woman who pleasurably invests in real estate to build wealth, create the lifestyle she desires, and leave a property and community better than she finds it.

2. A gorgeous creature who unapologetically seeks to own the world, and who makes the world better as a result.


Have you ever wondered…

What it would be like to stop trading your time for money? 
What it would be like to work only because you want to, not because you have to?
What it would be like to have more time to spend with your loved ones, doing the things you want to do? 
What it would be like to make money in a way that honors the woman you are and invites in more ease, grace, and flow in your life?

What if you could stop wondering and start living it?


Become a Real Estate Investor Goddess

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In the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast, Monick Halm interviews badass women real estate investors – women who are crushing it in the real estate investing game. They share their biggest mistakes, the best advice, and their tips and tricks for women to be successful in real estate whether you are a newbie, or already building your portfolio."

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"Monick offers 'real-world' advice that's useful for any woman who wishes to build wealth through real estate. [She] offers lessons from the trenches that you can use to confidently march forward on your own investing path. "

Kathy Fettke
CEO and co-founder of the Real Wealth Network

"I love this community because there is no competition - only collaboration and support which I wish we had more of in the world. And now that I have my first investment property, I'm just extremely grateful to have had this opportunity presented to me."

Ihuoma C. Nwankwo
Student and Real Estate Investor

"REIG helps me think BIG and realize I can do anything and buy any piece of investment property if the numbers make sense. With education and encouragement we can do anything!"

Zabrina Horton
Student and Real Estate Investor

"Being a working mom with other obligations, it's easy to say you want to do and don't act on it. Real Estate Investor Goddesses helps keeps my goal of being a prolific real estate investor in sight. "

Layla Sewell
Student and Real Estate Investor

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Investing in Real Estate from $1 to $1M – 12 strategies to get you invested in real estate regardless of your schedule or budget.