Embracing the Busy Season

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2023

This time of year, to-do lists fill up and it can feel like we are being bombarded with things to do, remember, and attend. It can be overwhelming - but, I take a deep breath and remind myself to embrace this busy season.

Back in 2008, the Fall and early Winter was a tense time. I had a newborn, was unemployed, and the economy was in free-fall. There were no job prospects in sight.

I had been fired when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. I’d decided that I would wait until after I gave birth to my daughter and had a short maternity period before looking for another job.

My daughter was born in late August 2008. Within a month the markets started to plummet. As did my husband’s graphic design business - his income dropped by 90%! UGH!

Even though it was really tight and REALLY scary, what saved us was the real estate we had previously acquired.

We were far from financially independent.  Our two California properties barely cash-flowed. But, it did help keep a roof over our heads though, and when we sold one we were able to use those proceeds to take advantage of the down market and start flipping.

As we leaned into real estate for our livelihood, I started to study it more. I saw how it could help us to survive and eventually thrive.

This year, our holiday season is going to look very different than 2008. We are gathering with our friends and family at our home. Gratefully now I have a business doing work I love, cash-flowing real estate in our portfolio, and the funds in the bank for Santa to be generous. It feels so much more secure and serene.

All of this is because of the financial freedom our family has built on those first real estate investments.

On December 13, 2023, I’ll be hosting a Holiday-Themed Real Estate Vision Workshop. It will help you set personal and professional intentions, get clarity on your goals, network with other goddesses, get educated, and have fun! We will do a special craft project to help you manifest your 2024 intentions with ease and grace! Click here [LINK] to register and join us! This is also a holiday give back! You have the opportunity to donate and 100% of proceeds will go to Women for Women International.


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