Self-Love and Galentine's!

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2023

This week we celebrate National Self-Love Day - the day to celebrate and appreciate self-love. As well as Galentine's Day -- a day to celebrate the platonic love between your female and nonbinary friends. 

I hope you are giving and receiving an abundance of love today ❤️ 

I created Real Estate Investor Goddesses to build a team of women that offer support, love, and guidance to other female real estate investors in a way that I hadn’t seen or felt before. When you’re in our sisterhood, you’re never alone.

We know that when women have more time and money they give back to their families, their communities, and the world.  Because they are fully resourced, it is so much easier to show themselves and others in their lives the immense love they have in their hearts.

I have invited a group of amazing women knocking real estate investment out of the park for a powerful 3-day event to show you how to be successful investing in today's environment. This group of women and I have all come to real estate from our own unique paths.

You may be just getting started. Maybe you’ve signed up for program after program hoping to find the right next step. You might be in the game already, but know that it’s time to grow. You may be done with the uber-masculine world of investing and ready for an experience that speaks to your experiences and needs as a woman. If any of those sound like you, make sure to join us. You'll be catapulted forward in the most fun and incredible way at the upcoming event. 

Your seat? It’s right here 👉🏽 

Join us at the upcoming Wealth Through Real Estate Event happening April 28-30 at the Marriott Atlanta Northeast.  Join 250 fired-up women ready to become financially free together in loving sisterhood.  Use the code EBIRD23 to save 50% off the ticket price. Plus, as a gift for this Week of Love, when you sign up you can bring along a female friend or family member for free! ❤️ It's 2:1 tickets until this Sunday, February 19.  Get yourself a ticket to show love for yourself and bring your gal pal (or sister, cousin, mama, daughter) to love on them. 


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