The Real Estate Millionaire Prep Course

Not sure if you've got the necessary resources to invest in real estate? This 7-lesson course is the first step in your education and will prepare you to begin investing in your multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

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The REIGoddesses Millionaire Investor Program 

In this program we band together to turn visions into reality, supporting each member to grow their net worth exponentially. It's about harnessing the collective strength to build wealth and achieve dreams—no matter the headwinds.

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"I’ve been to many real estate classes, however no one explains the investing business like this Real Estate Investor Goddesses Training. It’s a lot to take in, but vital to be successful. You emphasize the important of sisterhood and I really benefited from the knowledge of female experts. Thanks again for bringing these powerful women to help us become successful investors."

Claudette Jones
Wealthy Goddess

"I have 25 years of real estate experience in single family, but I didn’t want 100 doors on 100 properties. I realized I needed to level up and invest in apartment buildings. So I joined this program, and now I’m invested in 646 unit property in Atlanta, and am now syndicating another 250 unit property. Monick taught me to be bigger, be better and be bodacious."

Kimle Nailer
Wealthy Goddess

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