3 Ways to Add Pleasure to Your Real Estate Investing

Pleasure is the first ingredient of the Goddess Secret Sauce. For women, it is CRUCIAL to follow our pleasure. If you find that you have to “man up” or “muscle through” something, almost certainly you’re coming from a masculine place and are NOT going to be happy with the results.

It’s not to say that you will never need to engage in things you would rather not be doing. If that were the case, I would never commute anywhere, help my daughter with her homework, work on my taxes, etc.

You still need to do the work, but adding pleasure to your life/real estate investing will help make the journey a joy.

There are 3 ways to add pleasure to your real estate investing. I call these the 3 Blissciplines.


1. Do at least one pleasurable activity every day.

It doesn’t have to be real estate related. Maybe it’s getting a manicure or massage. Maybe it’s sitting in the sun and meditating. Maybe it’s watching your favorite movie. Maybe it’s having a great make-out session with your honey. Maybe it is going to open houses (I find that very pleasurable). Whatever it is, do at least one pleasurable thing every day. This daily dose of Vitamin P will invite in magic and miracles into your life.

2. Make sure that the activities you are doing are leading to pleasurable results in your life.

Always ask yourself (especially if you’re about to do something that’s not usually pleasurable): will this activity lead to a pleasurable result in my life? I may not like getting onto the Los Angeles freeways to drive 90 minutes to speak at an event, but I know at the end of the road I’m going to be able to do something that brings me an incredible amount of joy. I will also happily drive to spend time with my favorite girlfriends or to visit a fun new spot.
If I have to get into traffic to meet someone that always drains my energy, then it’s a no-go. It’s not leading to a pleasurable result, so it’s not going to happen.

With regards to real estate, you may not want to do underwriting or due diligence for an investment, but if it will lead to the pleasurable result of having your money working for you and coming back to you with friends while you sleep, vacation, or watch television then you do it.

However, if it’s extremely un-pleasurable to do it and it’s going to lead to a world of frustration for you, then have someone else do it. I personally don’t like doing underwriting. It’s not at all pleasurable for me. I let my husband do it because it’s something he enjoys more.

I, on the other hand, love the design and could spend hours finding the perfect light fixture for the kitchens. My hubby would rather watch paint dry, so that’s my job.

You want to have a pleasurable result, but it’s even better to have pleasure in the doing. Focus on doing the activities that actually bring you pleasure, that feel easy, that bring you into a flow state. Other activities that you’d rather not be doing should be done by others whenever possible.

3. Add pleasure to what might otherwise be an un-pleasurable activity

I know I have to wash the dishes, but I can put on my favorite tunes and put on my tiara and a tutu while I’m doing it. All of a sudden, it’s pretty fun. If I can get others to help me too, now it’s a party.

When I have to do a long drive, I get some great tunes, podcasts, and/or audiobooks to listen to for the drive. I will stop at Starbucks and get my favorite coffee drink and savor it on the drive. Whenever possible, I will invite someone else to drive with me - it makes it more fun and allows us to use the carpool lanes.

Those are the three ways how you can infuse pleasure into your life. Which one are you going to practice first?


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