THE GODDESS SECRET SAUCE: How we can tap into our feminine genius to be more successful real estate investors

Have you noticed that women and men are different? We are different on more than just a chromosomal level. Women are different in how they best work, deal with stress, learn, and invest.

The key to successfully investing as a woman is to incorporate the womanly elements and tap into the Goddess Secret Sauce. The Goddess Secret Sauce invites in magic and miracles.

I believe in the power we have as women. And we can tap into that power to invite in what we desire with the 4 factors of the Goddess Secret Sauce: Pleasure, Intuition, Mindset and Sisterhood.

When people ask how we found our apartment buildings in Albuquerque (and managed a quantum leap in one year of investing), I sometimes give a more complicated answer than what happened. I’ll talk about how we assessed the market and built the team, but that’s not quite an honest answer.

The honest answer is that I set an intention and then was completely guided to it. As if by magic, we met a woman at a networking event who told us about Albuquerque. She introduced us to our broker. My husband did research to confirm what we were guided towards, but I mostly just trusted that sense inside that told me “Yes, this is it.”

When we were going through the process and I felt like I was getting stuck and banging my head on the table, I thought: “I’d better take a pleasure break.” I would have a dance break, go get my nails done, go hiking, or have a sensual session with my hubby.

When I came back from my pleasure break, things got unstuck. I’d get a phone call from someone with the answer to my problem, the referral I needed.

When I felt like I couldn’t take a pleasure break, I

would figure out a way to “pleasure through.” I’d put on my favorite music, get a tiara on my head, and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

I also relied on my fellow goddesses. I used the tools I share in the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Handbook - celebration (bragging), gratitude, desires and more to help smooth the path and line it with magic.

With relative ease and grace we were able to acquire two buildings under asking price even though we were new in the market, new to apartment investing, and were not the highest bidders. It felt like a financial miracle. When I use these tools, my life is filled with such miracles.

It’s important to learn these tools fully and why these things are so important for women (it literally has to do with our physiology!) Make sure you incorporate these things into your real estate investing, because who doesn’t want magic and miracles?


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