Why aren’t more women investing in real estate?

There are three main reasons I believe why more women aren’t investing in real estate:

1) Many simply have not considered the incredible advantages of real estate, or that they could ever participate as a real estate investor.
Perhaps they haven’t considered that there is an option for creating income other than trading their time for money. Or maybe they just think it’s something that “very rich” people do, and it’s not something they could ever afford.

2) They understand real estate investing in the abstract but do not know how to apply those concepts to their own work or investing.
They understand the concepts of real estate investment, but they don’t know how to do it. They don’t know what steps to take, or where to go in order to gain the necessary knowledge.

3) Last but certainly not least, they understand how it works, but they’re afraid they’re going to lose money.

They have heard of people making lots of money in real estate, but they’ve also heard of people losing lots of money in real estate. They’re afraid they’re going to “lose their panties” and be worse off than before.
I started Real Estate Investor Goddesses to help address all of these issues.

This Blog and Community share:

All of the incredible advantages of real estate. In my book The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook, our membership community, and in this blog, I share what those advantages are and how you can take advantage of them.

Precisely how real estate investing works. My goal is to help you be 100-percent confident in your knowledge of the specific steps you need to take to succeed and the specific things you should avoid at all costs. You’ll be crystal clear about how to successfully invest in a way that’s uniquely feminine and takes advantage of a woman’s unique gifts to be successful.

Get my free ebook: “The Real Estate Success Blueprint: The 7 Crucial Steps Every Woman Must Take to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor” to get started and learn these steps.

How other women have succeeded, beyond their and your wildest dreams, in this industry. Check out the Real Estate Investor Goddesses podcast to get inspirational stories of women who are killing it in real estate. They’re women like you and me who found about how to build financial and time freedom through real estate and are crushing it. I ask how they started and were inspired to do it, so you know you can too. (One woman was in foster care and homeless and now she has over 4000 rental doors, retired from her job, and spends her time traveling the world and speaking! You can listen to her interview here. If she can do it, what’s your excuse?)

What’s your story of real estate investing? If you haven’t yet started, what is the first step you need to take to move? Share in the comments.


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