Why Are So Few Women Investing In Real Estate?

Women are 50% of the population, but less than 30% of real estate investors are women. Why is that?

One reason is that many women don't even see it as a possibility for themselves. Another big reason is fear.

Women are scared to get involved in real estate investing because: they don't know enough about it; they don't think they have sufficient resources; they don't know who they can trust; and/or they don't have the right guidance or mentorship to begin powerfully.⁠

That's why I'm so passionate about the REI Goddesses community.⁠

  • Our private Facebook group and Wealthy Goddess Program are filled with incredible, badass women who are eager to support one another and provide guidance.⁠⁠
  • Our free training webinars provide the valuable information you need to get started in this industry powerfully.⁠

  • Our community connects you to the resources you need to get in the game and thrive.⁠
  • Our online courses help you take your real estate investing to new levels that you didn't even know were possible, while providing effective mentorship every step of the way.⁠

It's my mission to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. It's my mission to turn that 30% into 50% or even 90%! Women are incredible, and it's time we own our power and our finances.


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