What the World Needs Now Is...

mindset Jan 04, 2018

Perhaps you're like me and 2017 left you feeling beat up and traumatized?

In addition to some very serious tragedies in my personal life, all the talk of sexual assaults, #metoo, North Korea, bullying, fake news, police brutality, hurricanes, floods, fires, have left me feeling like I'm suffering from PTSD.  Part of me wants to pull the covers over my head and hibernate until next Christmas.  

Can you relate?

As we thankfully start fresh with a new year, I want to give you a little reminder that helped me.

Remember that for every piece of bad news, there are 9999+ instances of beautiful, compassionate, sympathetic, generous actions that the news channels don't feel are newsworthy to share.

Remember that despite the clouds, storms, and night skies, the sun never stops shining.

Remember that we need to see the dark and the dirty in order to know what to clean up.

Remember that you, goddess, are in the perfect position to shine your light and clear out the shadows.

Real Estate Investor Goddesses was created to help you build wealth through real estate transactions that uplift everyone touched by them.  It was designed to help you create the lifestyle you desire and give you time freedom, so that you can effect positive change in the world.  

We know that with enough money and time, you are unstoppable!

If this past year has gotten you down, remember that things are much better than the news media will have you believe and that you're loved, you're worthy, and you matter.

So crawl out from under that blanket, and get shining.  

The world needs you.  

Monick xo


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