The Top 3 Biggest Excuses Women Use For Not Getting Into Real Estate Investing: Excuse #2 - Not Enough Time

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2021

Modern women are fast-paced women who juggle their time between family, career, and friends. I always ask women who join my community -- what's the biggest challenge you face with regards to real estate investing? The #2 biggest challenge is time. I get a ton of responses saying: "I am stuck because I am a mother, I don't have time," or "I am feeling burned out with my career, I think I don't have time to do real estate."

That is the 2nd BIGGEST EXCUSE women use for not getting into real estate investing:


It seems like a valid excuse -- people imagine that there's a tremendous amount of time needed to find and purchase a property, rehab a property, find a tenant, manage tenants, etc.

And sometimes those things are needed, but not always. The great thing about real estate investing is that there are many ways to invest -- quite a few of which require little to no time!

In my free guide: Investing in Real Estate from $1 to $1 Million Dollars, I share 3 strategies that are completely passive - they don’t require work from you once they’re set up. I’ll show you how you can put your money to work for you, so you won’t have to work for your money. And yup, I’ll show you how to do that at all different price points -- and you can start for as little as $100!

Click here to grab that guide. You don't need to let time be an excuse. Invest in real estate, and make your money buy you time. IMHO, it's the best way to ensure that you have more time to do the things and be with the people that are important to you.


How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing (Even As A Busy Professional Woman!).

What You'll Learn:

   The 4 Biggest Myths (these keep many women on the sidelines and/or making the wrong moves).

 The 7 Biggest Benefits of Real Estate (many of which even seasoned real estate investors don't know and aren't taking advantage of!).

   The 7 Step Investor Success Framework so you know the exact steps you need to take to invest in real estate without losing dollars!

   The "Goddess Secret Sauce" (or how you can invest in a way that honors the feminine)!

   The secret to how I was able to make a massive leap in real estate investing ...(HINT: the secret is not about working harder or knowing the "right" people.) 

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