The Inspiring Story of Bridget "Biddy" Mason

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2022

Happy Black History Month! In the spirit of the month, I want to share a story about a prominent African-American figure in real estate investing.

Meet Biddy Mason! Biddy Mason lived through slavery and still managed to become one of LA’s wealthiest women and one of the city’s first real estate moguls!

Biddy was a slave for most of her life, and she eventually moved to California with her master’s family where she spent many years working as a midwife, cook and livestock breeder. But because California was a “free” state, Biddy eventually petitioned for her and her family’s freedom and won.⁠

When she gained her freedom in 1856 she worked for a prominent LA physician where she learned about the various enterprises that existed in the city and it sparked her interest in becoming a landowner. She saved her income from her job, and nearly a decade later she bought her first piece of property in downtown LA. It proved lucrative for her so she continued purchasing land and took over the financial district of downtown. Before her death in 1891, she amassed a real estate fortune of $300,000 (more than $8 million in current dollars).⁠

The best part? Once she became wealthy she used that money to give back to her community. She became a well-known philanthropist and helped the black community tremendously. She began an orphanage in her home (in fact she had an open-door policy at her home, welcoming anyone who needed help), she created the first Black elementary school, and she created the first African Methodist Episcopal church in Los Angeles. She was a tremendous leader in her community and a true goddess.⁠

I hope this story inspired you like it did for me. 💕⁠


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