📖 My new book is finally here!!! 🥳

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2022

I’ve been dancing in my seat over here waiting to share this with you! 💃🏽

My new book packed with all the best advice from 26 of my favorite podcast interviews with the most successful women in real estate has just been published!  I just received my author copy in the mail and I'm soooooo excited!!! 😁

 In this book - Invest Like a Goddess: Advice from the Most Successful Women in Real Estate, I jammed together lessons learned, insights, strategies, and tactics - all packaged to give women the advice we need to leverage real estate as we give to our families, legacies, and communities. 

I think reading this book is like getting to hang out with the girlfriends you admire most, and having each one of them pour into your future.

The book will be available this Thursday, July 14 on Amazon

Would you like to grab a copy of this book AND receive over $7,000 worth of bonuses AND help us make this book an Amazon Bestseller? 

To do so, head over to Amazon.com on July 14 between 9-11 am PT, 12-2 pm ET, and purchase your copy.*  You can get a Kindle Version for only 99 cents!  On the morning of the 14th, I'll email you a direct link to purchase a copy.

After you buy your book, you’ll email [email protected] and attach a photo of your Amazon Receipt and you’ll receive thousands of dollars worth of bonuses as a thank you gift. 

How’s that for a win-win? 🥰

*If you miss this window on the 14th, that’s ok. You can still grab the book and email for your bonuses.  

Thanks in advance for your support!

p.s. If you have pre-ordered your copy it will be on its way soon :)


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