My Glamorous and Not-So-Glamorous Life

Real estate investing can be very lucrative, but it's not always glamorous.

Last week highlighted that fact for me with an interesting series of contrasts. On Wednesday and Thursday I went to Albuquerque to check on our apartment buildings there and to meet with our property managers.  My hubby and I checked out every vacant apartment we have - many of which are in serious need of rehab.  We were setting a priority list for getting the work done (starting with the units least in need of work and working our way down).  

Click on this picture below to check out a little video I made showing off some of the units... good, bad and ugly.

That was the not-so-glamourous part of my week.  And then on Friday I got to enjoy something very glamourous... I was interviewed on TV!  I appeared on NBC Channel 24 Central Valley Today, in Fresno, California and got to speak about Real Estate Investor Goddesses and my upcoming event, Wealth Through Real Estate, and my upcoming book - Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team that Creates the Dream. 


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My student, Zabrina Horton, came with me.  She was great.  I wish she'd had the opportunity to share that she started the Wealth Builder Program in February, found her business/investing partner, Deba Harper, through the group, and now has 6 properties under contract in Detroit!  She has an amazing story!  

We had a blast though.  The hosts, Stefanie Bainum and Alex Delgado, were fantastic and they are planning on attending the Wealth Through Real Estate Event in November!  Yeah!

You can check out our interview by clicking the image: 

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