Motivation Monday

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2021

Get creative in real estate investing! If everyone is doing the same thing, it will be competitive and expensive for you. So try to think outside of the box instead.⁠

For example, hotels weren't doing so well during the peak of Covid because people were not traveling. Therefore, a lot of hotel owners were trying to sell their property. However, a lot of investors are looking to purchase apartment buildings so their tenants can pay their mortgage and they can live for free. If you allow yourself to think creatively as an investor, you may be able to think of a new, creative solution that no one has tried before. What if, instead of doing what everyone else was doing, you purchased a hotel, at a low cost, and turned it into apartments? Then you can purchase it for a low cost and be able to make a lucrative cash flow from it. THIS is how thinking creatively can help you get ahead in real estate investing.⁠

Most investors are looking down the fork in the road and deciding if they should walk down the path on the left or the path on the right.... I'm here to encourage you to think about new ways to walk in general. What if you build wings and flew instead? How much further would you be able to go?


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