Motivation Monday

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2022

In between cooking, the holidays, the family traditions, the cleanup, and the new year's resolutions, you may have been doing a little reflection over the last few days. ⁠

Are you excited to share the progress you’ve made towards your goals with your loved ones?⁠

I tried many things on my journey to building a life with more flexibility (I’m a certified Money Mastery Coach, NLP Coach, Success Coach, certified mediator, certified interior designer, Reiki Master, certified yoga teacher, feng shui expert…). Slowly I started to realize what had been under my nose and all around me for years… real estate.⁠


✨ Because real estate is the perfect passive income vehicle for women, especially those raising a family or caring for others. ✨⁠

Unlike so many of our traditional careers, in real estate you don’t have to trade your time for income. After expenses, what you have is monthly, recurring mostly-passive cash flow … while you sleep! You can vacation, spend time with your loved ones (work on whatever you desire!) because your real estate provides you income.⁠

Once I realized just how many women were being left out of the real estate game, I devoted myself to the bold mission of ensuring that 1 million women reach financial independence and freedom through real estate investing too.⁠

🔥 In fact, I refuse to stop until one million women have - not only achieved financial independence through real estate - but are empowered to do it in a pleasure-centered, Goddessly way. 🔥⁠

I want this for you. I’ll show you how to collapse time frames, so you don’t have to spend one minute longer than necessary being unhappy in your work or feeling insecure about money! Along the way, you’ll also learn the keys to leaving a legacy for your family and community.⁠

If you'd like to join the Real Estate Investing Goddesses community, please comment below. I would love for this to be your greatest year yet of abundance, joy, peace and fun!

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