Motivation Monday

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021

Back in 2005, Candace Bushnell (the author who brought Sex in the City to life) told an interviewer this quote. Bushnell had a point. Women are bombarded with limiting beliefs about money from childhood on - from media, movies, magazines, and, often, our own families. ⁠

But, you? You have the opportunity to interrupt that cycle for your family. Real estate offers the opportunity to step through the door of investment opportunity. ⁠

The United Nations found that when we economically empower women, we find improved productivity and economic diversification. The world is better when women have the money and power that Bushnell pointed out as uncomfortable.⁠

Inside the Real Estate Investor Goddess program, we tackle the tough topics with support and community. The I shared a FB Live on Women, Power and Money -- two things we need to do to get comfortable with having more power and money.⁠

Check it out by clicking here.

Let's get you over any discomfort or limiting beliefs. The world needs you to be fully empowered and sharing your gifts.


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