Motivation Monday

"Doing everything 'right' does not equal happiness."

― Monick Halm.

Maybe you can relate… My parents always told me I could be ANYTHING I wanted long as it was a doctor, lawyer, professor, or engineer. They meant well. That was their definition of success.

Being a “good girl”, I dutifully graduated from an Ivy League law school. But as a lawyer, the slow itch of dissatisfaction started creeping up.

Truth be told? Before long, I was full-out miserable.

But I did what I thought was “right” until one Tuesday morning, in seemingly “perfect” health - it happened:

The crippling pain.
The frantic drive to the hospital.
The panic about what was wrong with me.

And then? A 9-day stay in the hospital and 30 days at home to recover from an emergency appendix rupture. 🤒

But here’s the truly tragic part- when I was first told that I had appendicitis and would have a hospital stay plus at least 30 days at home afterward to recover, I didn't feel scared or worried.

I felt a tremendous amount of relief!

I felt relief at not having to go back to the office to attend to my intense and miserable career as a lawyer.

And then it struck me- who would rather be holed up in a hospital than living life? Had I really become so anesthetized to life that I had lost nearly ALL the pleasure in it? And, why did I stay?! Why do SO many women stay in (un)comfortably numb lives?⁠

I think the answer is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not believing they can live a life of their dreams.

I’m here to tell you that you can. As many of you know, I left my law job and never looked back.

I started investing in real estate and in my first year as a syndicator, I had syndicated a mobile home park, passively invested in 2 multi-family deals, and got 2 multi-family deals of our own. I had over 1,000 units in one year, I was making MORE money than my fancy lawyer job, AND I was so much happier!!!⁠

So doing everything “right” does not equal happiness- living financially free, following your heart, and living the life of your dreams DOES! Comment below if you agree! 💕👏🏾


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