I Have A HUGE Announcement And A Favor To Ask

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

I’ve been dancing in my seat over here waiting to share this with you! 💃🏽

Here's my announcement... I have a new book!!! 📖 🎉

It's called Invest Like a Goddess: Advice from the Most Successful Women in Real Estate, and it's packed with all the best advice from 30 of my favorite all-time podcast interviews with the most successful women in real estate.

In this book, I've compiled lessons learned, insights, strategies, and tactics - all packaged together to give you the information you need to leverage real estate for your families, legacies, and communities. 

I've just launched a crowdfunding campaign TODAY where we are pre-selling books. We have 30 days to pre-sell as many books as possible!  The aim of this campaign is to get the best publisher on board who will best help us spread this important work to women all over the world. 

The favor I ask is to please support our crowdfunding campaign. 

You can get in on the ground floor, and join me in support of my mission to help 1 million women create financial freedom through real estate investing & the ability to change their family and community. 

You can make a HUGE difference with just two clicks - hop over and pre-order your copy (and grab one or two or ten for friends ;)).  

And I've made it totally worth your while to do so.  In order to thank you and to make supporting this campaign even more enticing, you can preorder the books at a discount price AND take advantage of some of the incredible bonuses available in the crowdfunding campaign for your pre-orders.

Many of the women featured in the book are offering bonuses as a thank you for supporting the book -- these bonuses are worth thousands of dollars.  You can get event tickets, real estate courses, your name memorialized in the book, and more. You don’t want to miss it! 

Check it out here.

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