How to Start Investing in Real Estate As A Goddess?


Probably the hardest part of getting into real estate investing is knowing where to start. Here are three tips to get started investing in real estate as a goddess:

Tip #1: Get your education on.⁠

Many/most people don't take action because they don't know what to do. Lack of knowledge/clear steps leads to paralysis. Education for effective action is the antidote to this.

I created a free training to help you know what steps to take so you can get into effective action >>>How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing Even as a Busy Professional Woman. Click here to sign up for an upcoming session.

Tip #2: Get clear on your desires and real estate vision.⁠

The more clarity you have on what you want, the easier it will be to bring it forth. I cannot overstate enough how important this step is. Clarity is rocket fuel for your desires. ⁠

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself over the next few days to help yourself find clarity before starting investing.⁠

1. What does success look like to me?⁠

2. What are 3 things I want to improve in my health, relationships, or career?⁠

3. What are 3 things I want to accomplish in my real estate investing business?⁠

Tip #3: Get your pleasure on!

If clarity is rocket fuel, pleasure is motor oil. It's essential for lubricating the process and making things flow to you with more ease. ⁠

The first steps in real estate investing can be especially stressful for some people. To get started investing like a goddess, it's important to get yourself on a pleasure diet. ⁠

So how do you go on a pleasure diet? It's just 2 easy steps.⁠

First, make a list of 31+ things that make you feel pleasured and happy - anything from a luxurious bubble bath to a massage, to great sex, to a hike, to skiing, to a steaming cup of Starbucks oat milk latte, etc. ⁠

Second, do at least one pleasurable thing per day. If you want to make it even more powerful post in the comments below what pleasurable activity you're going to do today. Let's cheer each other on in pleasure!⁠


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