Goddess Spotlight: How She Accelerated to 4 Deals in 6 Months

Ready to be inspired? It's time for a Goddess Spotlight!

I want to introduce you to members of our community who are successfully building their real estate portfolios and are on their way to financial freedom. Some are relatively new, while others have been at it for a while.

These goddesses invest in almost every niche imaginable, and they ALL have a lot of insight to share!

Today, I'm sharing my interview with Donna Byron - our Wealthy Goddess last May!


Here’s a recap of what we talked about:

  • Donna had been investing before she found Real Estate Investor Goddesses, but she had been going slowly (about 1 deal per year for 5 years.) She really wanted to accelerate, but she didn't know what she didn't know!
  • She heard about the Virtual Wealth Through Real Estate Event on a podcast and bought a ticket. It was deep, transformative, and connecting -- even for an introvert like her!
  • The big lesson she learned about being around people who are doing what you want to be doing, which made her join the Wealthy Goddess Program, and how that supercharged her results -- she went from doing 1 deal per year to 4 deals in 6 months in the middle of a pandemic!)
  • The importance of "unlearning" what you've learned -- how to recognize and get rid of those beliefs that are not helpful to your success.
  • How operating from the feminine not only makes you a more successful real estate investor but can positively affect your other work and the people around you.

And if you’re wanting to accelerate your journey with real estate investing as Donna did - I invite you to apply for the Wealthy Goddess Program. Let us support you to get what YOU need to learn to take the next step towards your investment goals.


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