How this Retired School Teacher is Finding Financial Freedom

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2022

Ready to be inspired?  It's time for another Goddess Spotlight!

In these spotlights, I introduce you to members of our community who are successfully building their real estate portfolios and are on their way to, or in this case, have reached financial freedom. Some are relatively new, while others have been at it for a while. 

These goddesses invest in almost every niche imaginable, and they ALL have a lot of insight to share!

Today, I'm sharing my interview with Anita Thomas - our Wealthy Goddess of the Month!


Here’s a recap of what we talked about:

  • How she invested in the Wealthy Goddess Mastermind as a birthday present to herself, and why it's important to never stop learning. Spending on your education is the best investment.  
  • Why taking great care of your tenants is good business (something that women naturally understand)
  • How real estate investing is not just something that helps yourself, but how being able to help others to create wealth is such an amazing feeling.
  • How she was able to buy a property with 3 other women in her family -- helping to build generational wealth. 
  • Why she sold her duplex in Los Angeles, and is using the proceeds to buy better cash-flowing vacation rentals across the country. 
  • How she's making more money now passively with real estate than she ever made working as a teacher. She wakes up and every day feels like a weekend and a holiday. 
  • Why the only thing she'd change is that she'd have started earlier.

If you are a current Wealthy Goddess Program member, be sure to give Anita a shoutout in the Wealthy Goddess Sisters Facebook group & let her know how much you appreciate her sharing her story! 

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