5 Steps to Hone Your Intuition and Be A More Succesful Real Estate Investor

Your intuition is the second ingredient of the Goddess secret sauce. It’s particularly strong for most women, and it’s one of our most powerful tools. I call it the GPS for your life.

Have you ever had an intuitive sense about someone or something? Maybe you heard a voice that steered you in the right direction? Or you "just knew" something was the right decision or you knew that it was wrong?

Several years ago, I had an instant liking to a man I met on a blind date. I felt a strong feeling for him even before he spoke. I “just knew” instantly. That man is now my husband.

Intuition is very real and tends to be particularly strong in women. It’s a gift that we have, and it’s extremely valuable for your investing (or anything else in your life).

What Is Your Intuition?

 Your intuition is the culmination of various instantaneous mental processes including automatic processing, subliminal priming, implicit memory, heuristics, right-brain processing, instant emotions, nonverbal communication, and creativity.

It's based on facts filed just below the conscious level.
Right now, you may be focused on reading this book, but your ears, eyes, skin, nose are picking up on all sorts of cues that are filed subconsciously - you’re hearing external noises (maybe traffic outside or the birds chirping), you’re sensing subtle temperature changes, you’re seeing things happening in the periphery.

On a conscious level, you’re only picking up about 5% of what’s happening around you. Your subconscious is picking up the other 95%. Your intuition guidance is based on this fuller level of information stored in your subconscious.

Intuitive guidance will come to you in different ways. Sometimes it's like a sudden bolt, sometimes it's subtler.

It may come through sight, sound, physical sensations in your body, or through “just knowing” information or a combination of any or all of the above.

My mentor Robert Helms says that every time he is the right buyer for a deal, he “just knows it.” Even if there are a dozen other offers, his intuition will let him know that it is his. He doesn’t worry about the others, because when he gets that sensation he knows that his offer will be accepted and he will become the next owner.

This is the same sense and knowing that told me “yes, this is it” about Albuquerque, New Mexico. That same voice told me “yes” to the broker, “yes” to the property management company, “yes” to the lender, etc.
Trusting that guidance allowed us to acquire two buildings under the asking price even though we were new in the market and were not the highest bidders.

Following your intuition will always ease your path.



5 Steps to Hone Your Intuition:

 1. Accept that intuition exists and can help you to reach your goals faster and more smoothly: This is the key. Many people receive intuitive hunches all the time, but they ignore them because they do not believe or do not want to believe that intuition exists. Intuition is very real and listening to your intuition can have big pay-offs. A recent study showed that executives with the highest precognitive ability (intuitive perception) had on average 30% highest profit records than the ones who did not consider themselves intuitive.

 2. Learn how to receive your intuitive guidance: There are some common fears that come up for people around using their intuition. Some are:

  • You can trust this voice/knowing. Sometimes we hear a still small voice in our head that is our intuition.  Sometimes we hear other voices that represent our fear and ego.  How can you tell the difference?

    Almost always, the intuition is the first voice you hear.  The fear is the one that tries to convince you that the first voice was wrong.  If your intuition says, “Don’t trust this person,” the other voice may say things like “But so-and-so recommended her” or “But he’s accomplished so much.  Who am I not to trust him?”

    Also, the voice of fear/ego will rely on external support - what other people have said, what you read in the news, their awards received, their resume.  The voice of intuition won’t rely on anything - it will just assert itself.  All it goes by is its own knowing.

    Lastly, intuition will never try to argue its case.  Fear/ego will rely on logic.  Fear and ego will give you very compelling reasons to ignore your intuition.  Just know that if you’re receiving “reasons,” it’s not your intuitive guidance.
  • Body Wisdom. You will often feel your intuitive guidance in your body – there is a reason it’s called your gut instincts. Your intuitive guidance is often felt in the stomach. You may also feel it in your heart, your throat, your head, and even your genitals.
    You can test it out. Ask a question and notice how your body reacts to two different outcomes. Normally, if it's intuitively a good thing you'll feel warmth, lightness, expansion. If it's intuitively a bad thing you'll feel closing, heaviness, darkness, constriction. Again, you may feel it in different parts of your body.

 3. Follow your intuition: When you hear that still, small voice or you have inspired thought, act on it. This is really the most important step. If you need to, start practicing with small things -- what should you eat, which movie should you see, etc. After you’ve tried out your intuitive sense on smaller things, then you can start trusting your intuition to help you with more important decisions and actions. Keep a journal so that you may be able to see patterns that emerge when you have intuitive thought.

 4. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit: Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of fresh water, and get adequate rest. The better you take care of yourself, the more receptive you will be to intuitive thoughts. Actually, the more you take care of yourself, the more your brain in general will feel good.

And last, but not less...

 5. Make a practice of having some quiet/meditative time: If you’re always rushing about, over-thinking, and overwrought, it’s going to be hard for you to hear your intuitive guidance. Make a habit of giving yourself some quiet contemplative time to hear your inner guidance.


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