4 Millionaire Female Real Estate Investors To Know.

Andrew Carnegie said, “90% of millionaires become so through real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.”

I know I preach a LOT about how important investing in real estate is to build generational wealth. I know I am always sharing how it has allowed me, and so many goddesses I know, to achieve real financial freedom. But it’s not just me who believes this to be true! People all around the world have created millions because they invested in real estate. They put their money in properties, homes, complexes, commercial buildings, etc and their money made them more money until they achieved the millionaire status that they enjoy today.

Here is a list of some of the female real estate investors who have had the greatest impact on the real estate industry: 

- Barbara Corcoran: Judge on Shark Tank + real estate investor.

Barbara Corcoran was committed to succeeding. At the age of 23, she quit her job as a waitress and borrowed $1,000 to found a little real estate company in New York City that years later would become the largest and best-known brand in the brokerage business: The Corcoran Group.

Barbara is a motivational speaker, bestselling author of “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business!” and host of the “Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran Podcast.”

- Wu Yajun: Real estate developer/investor + world’s richest self-made woman.

Wu, together with her husband, founded Chongqing Zhongjianke Real Estate Co. in 1995. The company's name was changed to Longfor Properties in 2005 when Wu started her role as CEO, a role that she still holds today.

Wu is the third richest woman in China and 22nd among all the richest women in the world. In China, Wu Yajun is the fifth richest person regardless of gender.

- Jane Goldman: Only female billionaire running a real estate firm in the US (Solil Management).

Jane, along with her siblings, co-founded Solil Management, a real estate investment company with a vast portfolio of residential and commercial properties in prime locations of NYC.

Her portfolio as a co-chair of the company contains more than 400 properties including high-end apartments on the Upper East Side, a block of land in Midtown Manhattan that includes the Olympic Tower and the Cartier Mansion, and the Peninsula Hotel, and a 17% stake in the World Trade Center developments in lower Manhattan.

- Dottie Herman: CEO of Douglas Elliman + real estate investor.

Dottie began her real estate career in 1978 working as an agent for Merrill Lynch on Long Island. During that time she became one of the top brokers, and in 1989, when Merrill Lynch sold its real estate division to Prudential, Dottie saw the opportunity of a lifetime.

She took out a $7 million loan to buy Prudential Long Island Realty, and from then on she put all her efforts to build the company into the most powerful brokerage on Long Island and then in the Hamptons. In 2003, Dottie and his partner Howard Lorber bought Douglas Elliman, the largest and most prestigious brokerage firm in Manhattan.

This list is only the TIP of the iceberg. There are many more names of people, famous or otherwise, who have used real estate investing to become millionaires. Any other names come to mind for you? Comment them below!


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