31 Day Real Estate Investing Advice Challenge on TikTok!

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2022

This month I started the 31 Day Real Estate Investing Advice challenge over at my TikTok page. There I’ve been sharing the Best Real Estate Investing Advice I've learned to help you succeed in your real estate investing and in your life. On Day 1 I shared a tip on how to keep yourself accountable with your goals.

"Create a clear goal and share it with someone you respect.

There’s some evidence that if you create a goal and share it just with anybody then that doesn’t make you any more likely that you’ll do it. But if you share your goal with somebody you respect and admire then you’re much more likely to accomplish your goal.

For this first day of the 31 Day of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Challenge, here's what I suggest you do: set a clear goal in the arena of real estate investing or some other area in your life and share that goal with someone you respect and admire.
I'm following my own advice and I'm sharing with you that I’m doing this 31 Day TikTok challenge to help keep me accountable. That’s how it’s done!

Please follow me on TikTok to catch the rest of the 31-Day Best of Real Estate Investing Advice Challenge as well as other short videos that will help you with your real estate investing.


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