3 Things Successful Real State Investors Prioritize

Last week one of my students posted a great brag about the enormous mindset and abundance shifts she's experienced since she joined our REI Goddesses Training Program. Her name is Deba, she lives in Detroit, and she met her now business partner Zabrina through our training program, who lived in Los Angeles, but now lives in Atlanta.
I remember when they were at one of my Masterminds and they created a desire to "buy the block," and transform neighborhoods in Detroit. Since finishing the course, Deba and Zabrina have created a team of 10 and have been buying blocks on rinse and repeat. They're living the Real Estate Investor Goddesses mission: finding win-wins and leaving a property and community better than they found it. I'm so proud of them!
I also noticed that these 3 things are what made Deba and Zabrina, and so many other real estate investors, particularly successful:
1. Education and Mentorship. They enrolled in the Real Estate Investor Goddesses program and participated in the group mentorship sessions. Their learning hasn't stopped there though... they are always learning and growing.
2. Networking and Partnership. Zabrina and Deba are both wonderful at finding great partners to work with. They both understand the value of networking and getting themselves into groups of positive people who are on the same path. They met in our program and partnered with each other, and have since built great teams with other partners in both Detroit and here in Los Angeles. They learned who they needed and how to get into partnerships and have really embodied the T.E.A.M. philosophy (Together Everyone Achieves More).
3. Effective Action. The most important step is that they have taken massive action. They have gone out there and asked people to work with them. They have put in offers. Not everything has worked out, but they have gotten results.

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