Wealthy Goddess Spotlight: 3 Incredible Women on Our Student Success Panel

Uncategorized May 05, 2022

Hey Cammy,

Ready to be inspired? It's time for the Goddess Spotlight!  Actually, today you get 3 for 1! I'm spotlighting the 3 amazing goddesses that were on the student success panel from our recent Wealth Through Real Estate Highlights Event that happened last Saturday, April 23. 

In the Goddess Spotlight, I introduce you to members of our community who are successfully building their real estate portfolios and are on their way to financial freedom. Some are relatively new, while others have been at it for a while.

These goddesses invest in almost every niche imaginable, and they ALL have a lot of insight to share!

Today, I'm sharing the student success panel with Donna Byron, Glacia Cooper, and Cynthia Williams.  These 3 superstars have been in the Wealthy Goddess Program for as little as 2 months (Cynthia) to as long as 2 years (Donna), and they shared what has led to each of their stunning amounts of success. 


Here’s a recap of some highlights:

  • How one goddess was able to get 2 deals in under 2 months of being in the program -- one local and one in another state!
  • Why one goddess who was definitely not a "joiner-upper" joined and has never been the same.
  • How one goddess went from feeling like life was serious and hard work to a "lifestyle of feeling like she wants to jump for joy every day."
  • Why it's not about networking. It's about sisterhood.
  • The amazing power of the sisterhood -- as cheerleaders, supporters, and potential partners
  • The importance of showing up.  The program works if you work it, but it won't work unless you do.

If you are a current Wealthy Goddess Program member, be sure to give Glacia, Donna and Cynthia a shoutout in the Wealthy Goddess Sisters Facebook Group and let them know how much you appreciate them sharing their stories! 

And if you’re wanting to catapult into real estate investing as Cynthia, Donna, and Glacia have - I invite you to apply to join our Wealthy Goddess Program

Join our community of rock star goddesses and let us support you to get what YOU need to learn to take the next step towards financial freedom.


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