5 Reasons Why Real Estate Investing is the Best Investment

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2021

IMHO real estate investing is the best investment. It's better than the stock market and it's WAY better than just putting money in the bank. Here's why:⁠

1. Passive Cash Flow: when you put your money into real estate, you have tenants pay your mortgage. So you receive passive income every month. When you have enough passive income streams that it equals or exceeds your expenses, that is financial freedom!⁠

2. Federal Tax Benefits: because of the way the tax code is structured, you can be making money on real estate, but for tax purposes, it looks like you've lost money. That means you're paying less in taxes. When you're building wealth it's important to remember it's not just what you make, it's what you get to keep that matters! Real estate helps you keep more of your money.

3. Leverage: if you want to buy $100,000 worth of stocks you'll have to put $100,000 in a brokerage account. However, if you want $100,000 worth of real estate you can put 20% down, 10% down, or sometimes 0% down to get that $100,000 property. Now let's say you put 20% down on 5 properties, you can have $500,000 of real estate for that same $100,000 investment. That's leverage and that's a major reason why real estate is a better investment.⁠

4. Appreciation: this helps grow your net worth! Generally, real estate will increase in value over time. You can also "force" appreciation. "Forcing" appreciation is doing targeted rehabs and renovations that increase the value of the property and the value of your investment.⁠

5. Higher Average Returns: don't believe me? Click here to access a free training where I break this down for you in a side-by-side comparison.⁠

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