Invest In Real Estate Like A Goddess

I’m so thrilled to announce my new book, “The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Invest in Real Estate Like a Goddess” - now a #1 Amazon Bestseller.  It’s a road map to real wealth in a feminine and joyful way.

I dedicate this book to the all the women who feel like they're on a hamster wheel - working hard to every day to earn their money to maintain their lifestyle - and who are ready for a break.  I dedicate this book to those women who dream of a better life.  I dedicate this book to the women who wish to create financial and time freedom so they can fully live their purpose.  I dedicate this book to women who are unapologetically ready to own the world and their place in it.  This book is for you.


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About the REIG Handbook?

This book is the ultimate guide for women who want to invest in real estate.
It will show you:

✅ how you can invest and create wealth even when you have no money to start with

✅ how to use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly

✅ how to invest in ways that are truly win-win the “Goddess Secret Sauce” to make the most of investing as a woman
and much more!

The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook provides a simple-to-follow framework any woman can use to start building wealth in real estate in a uniquely feminine way.

Through Monick Halm’s first hand experience as a real estate investor with a portfolio of over 1000 rental doors and inspiring stories from other women who have created financial wealth through real estate, Monick’s powerful and encouraging advice will help women of any age and income become successful in real estate in a fun, pleasurable and divinely feminine way!

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"This book is amazing! I swear, I've invested in real estate my whole life, and I learned more from 4 chapters of this book than I have from anything else!!!"

Barbara Stanny
Bestselling author of "Overcoming Underearning," "Sacred Success," "Secrets of Six-Figure Women" and "Prince Charming Isn't Coming"

"Monick offers “real-world” advice that’s useful for any woman (or man) who wishes to build wealth through real estate. This book offers lessons from the trenches that you can use to confidently march forward on your own investing path."

Kathy Fettke
CEO and co-founder of the Real Wealth Network, host of The Real Wealth Show, and author of "Retire Rich With Rentals"

"Monick has written a book about real estate investing that is not just actionable; it is also joyful. Few investors of either gender are willing to be as transparent and honest about their successes, failures, and sources of inspiration and education as Monick. This is quite certainly among the most enjoyable real estate reads I've ever encountered"

Carole VanSickle Ellis
Co-founder of the Self-Directed Investor Society and founder of SDI Women

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