About Real Estate Investor Goddesses

Real Estate Investor Goddesses is for the professional woman who wants to create passive income streams through real estate investing, so that she can create real wealth, live the lifestyle she desires, and make the massive difference on the planet she came here to make.  

Real Estate Investor Goddesses was founded by Monick Halm.


Monick Halm is a real estate investor, syndicator, and developer with over 12 years of real estate investing experience in multi-family, mobile home parks, RV parks, flipping, vacation rentals, syndication, and ground-up development. Together with her husband and her investors, she owns over 1100 rental units across 5 states.

She is the #1 bestselling author of The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook and the host of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast.  She is also a Real Estate Strategy Mentor, a Huffington Post contributing author, keynote speaker, recovered attorney, yoga teacher, certified interior designer, Feng Shui expert, avid world traveler, wife and mother of three amazing kids.

She has made it her mission to empower women to thrive in their lives, families, and careers. She loves connecting with other real estate investing women. You can connect with her on The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Facebook Page or on twitter as @monickpaulhalm.



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