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Join a community of women learning and growing together
with real estate investment, empowering women to change the world one life at a time.

You are already standing on the edge of epic success

You are educated. You are successful. You drive a nice car and have a lovely home. But, those very accomplishments feel like the golden handcuffs keeping you stuck. 

In those quiet moments when you’re being honest with yourself, you admit that you are suffering, too. The hours, the lack of purpose, the nudge that there is something more.... 

Life feels like it is passing you by without doing the things that really matter, like.... 

💜  Spending time with those you care about

💜  Freedom to live a life with pleasure, intuition, and sisterhood

💜  Building a legacy through service that makes the world a better place

Hello, dear sister! I’m Monick. 

I was stuck in that same place - pulled between what I had already accomplished and the knowledge that there was something more. What you want is possible. What you need is within reach. 

And the world needs us to reach for it. When women have time and money, they give back to their families, their communities, and to the world.

Step into the room

My mission is to break open the “men’s club” of real estate investing so women too can enjoy the true FREEDOM that real estate investing affords - while the families they raise and the communities they serve thrive along with them.

The real estate world can feel hyper-masculine. Real estate information is often downright confusing. You’re not sure you even want to deal with tenants, termites and toilets. The doors to the “good deals” are shut tight.


And you’re ready to put in the work. You know that there is a better way. A way to balance family life while building freedom and flexibility.


There are people waiting for the impact you are going to make, the good you are going to do. We need your energy, your perspective.


What does success in this program look like

Kimle Nailer

Wealthy Goddess

I have 25 years of real estate experience in single family, but I didn’t want 100 doors on 100 properties. I realized I needed to level up and invest in apartment buildings. So I joined as a personal mentoring student of Monick’s, and now I’m invested in 646 unit property in Atlanta, and with her help I syndicated another 250 unit property. Monick taught me to be bigger, be better and be bodacious.

Analisa Moskus

Wealthy Goddess

The Wealthy Goddess Program is incredible. Not only have I learned so much about investing in real estate and have just bought my first investment property, but the money mindset piece has really transformed my life. I started the program in January and in the first three quarters of 2019 I 5X’d my 2018 income! Now I am looking for a commercial property to purchase and can easily pay the down payment for the properties that I acquire.

Arlene Broussard

Wealthy Goddess 

I was afraid of real estate, but I came to the event last year and I joined the mastermind program. With Monick’s support and the help of the other women in the program, I got into my first investment after 3 months. It's a passive investment and I’m making 23% annualized return!


There is a better way, sis. Let’s open that door for you.


 Once I understood the true power of legacy building wealth, I knew that I needed to share what I had learned with YOU.

My superpower is breaking down the things you need to know into tools and strategies that are easy to understand, motivating and practical to move you forward on your investing journey. 

Join our community. You don’t have to do this alone, and you shouldn’t. Inside the Wealthy Goddess Program is a vibrant group of women, at all stages of investment growth, waiting to welcome you, cheer you on, and brainstorm solutions to your most pressing challenges.


Here’s how the magic happens...

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Freedom does not have to mean hustle, 16 hour days, or delaying all of your other priorities.

What does success in this program look like

Mika Williams

Wealthy Goddess

Before I joined this Program, I longed to get involved in Real Estate Investing, but I knew that I needed support and guidance.  With this program, I was able to receive that support from my sisters in the Wealth Building community. I had an accountability partner and structure in weekly assignments that developed confidence and knowledge. As a result, I expect boldly exceed my goals. I have embraced a uniquely feminine perspective that promotes mindfulness around every aspect of my life and this business.  My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to get uncomfortable. Be willing to enter the program with an open mind and the braveness to try new things and concepts that you have not done before, and watch as everything opens up and shifts into your new life.

Zabrina Horton

Wealthy Goddess

"This Program was 'off the charts transformative'! I have participated in a couple other Real Estate learning programs before. The REIG Program, however, is different. Not only because it's for women, but because it also incorporates things like visualization and meditation! With this Program I am now able to SEE the future me and FEEL what it feels like to be a badass real estate investor who owns 20 properties and has financial freedom. My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to step out and do it!"

Ihuoma Nwankwo

Wealthy Goddess


The Program has helped me to, in a very short amount of time, interact with experts in real estate and wealth - people I wouldn't have had easy access to ordinarily. And the best part is that they all happen to be women which is such a gift because we can understand each other so much easier. My coach gives me work to do which helps me learn and execute where otherwise I would be simply acquiring knowledge with no application. I do not think I would have purchased my first property so soon if I had not been in the program. I love the community of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses because there is no competition - only collaboration and support which I wish we had more of in the world. I am very excited and grateful to be a part of this elite group of active, fabulous, intelligent and wealthy women!

In 16 weeks, you could have:


Enjoy the freedom to do work you love (or not work at all!). Empower yourself to stop working and have your money working for YOU.


Know your money is invested in real property that is recession-resistant. Keep your investments away from the unscrupulous folks on Wall Street (and in a place that helps you and local communities thrive).


Take advantage of the passive income and immense tax benefits of real estate WITHOUT dealing with tenants, toilets or termites.  


In this easy-to-follow program written and shared in plain English, you will learn the A-Z of passive investing in real estate so you can focus on sleep, vacation, time with friends and family!


This program is designed to help you invest quickly (while avoiding mistakes that plague many beginner investors!).


Created BY a woman FOR women, you can invest in an empowering way that honors your feminine nature.


As you implement the strategies from this program, you have a place to come back to - to ask questions, to brainstorm ideas, to get feedback or a gut check. You aren’t sent out alone to make it happen. We’re right here with you.

The real question is not IF you should make this investment, it's WHEN...

What will be the impact of living another year on the hamster wheel?

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