Navigating Distressed Real Estate in a Changing Landscape Webinar

In every distressed property, there's a potential masterpiece waiting for us.

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In this free webinar, we will dive deeper into specific properties, strategies for value addition, and risk management.

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In every distressed property lies not just a potential masterpiece, but a golden opportunity for you to shine. This isn't just a market shift; it's your personal launchpad to success in real estate!

🌈 The Past Two Years: A Rollercoaster of Change

Yes, the landscape has changed dramatically. But remember, with great change comes even greater opportunity. It's time to pivot and adapt – because history has shown us that the most successful people are those who transform obstacles into stepping stones!

What We'll Cover:

1. Mastering Market Shifts: Uncover strategies to thrive in today's evolving real estate scene.
2. Opportunities Amidst Obstacles: Learn to spot and seize hidden gems in the market.
3. Economic Landscape Potential: Explore how to capitalize on the current economic trends.

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Get ready for a thrilling and insightful journey! In this FREE webinar, we're diving deep into the art of turning today's real estate challenges into your biggest victories. This is not just about surviving the market; it’s about mastering it!

About Our Expert Speakers

Monick Halm and Steven Shipp bring a wealth of experience and insights. They're not just experts; they're your guides to unlocking financial freedom through real estate.

Monick Halm

Monick Halm is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses.  She is an educator and advocate for women to create real wealth through real estate.  She is herself a real estate investor, syndicator, and developer with over 14 years of real estate investing experience in multi-family, mobile home parks, RV parks, flipping, commercial, industrial, vacation rentals, syndication, and ground-up development. Together with her husband and her investors, she owns over 1300 rental units across 6 states.

Her mission is to assist 1 million women to achieve financial freedom through real estate.  

Steven Shipp

Steven Shipp is a seasoned expert in distressed asset management within the intricate real estate and debt domains. With over 30 years of invaluable experience, he has excelled in acquiring, restructuring, and repositioning troubled assets and debt instruments.

Throughout his illustrious journey, Steven has orchestrated the acquisition, financing, sale, and repositioning of over $11 billion worth of distressed commercial real estate assets and debt instruments. As a strategic managing executive, he’s been pivotal in driving success in distressed asset management, demonstrating an exceptional track record and unparalleled expertise.

Navigating Distressed Real Estate in a Changing Landscape Webinar

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The market is ripe with potential, especially in distressed properties and transactions. Let's turn these challenges into opportunities. It's about navigating these waters with confidence and skill.

Join us on January 31 for an insightful evening with Steven Shipp, CEO of Performance Advisory Group.

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