DO WELL BY DOING WELL (even in a recession!)

Sept 19 to Sept 23, 2022
Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 10:30am Pacific


Your Business should be as Heart-Centered & Community Focused as You. 


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Join Quick, Focused Sessions on:

Aneissa Goss

Security Deposit Insurance

Barbara Huson


Cori Zigman

Section 8 Housing

Deba Harper

Community Development

Ginger Hernandez

From a Lender's Perspective

Isabel Guarino-Smith

Assisted Living Facilities

Jana Hubbs

Residential Facilities for Adults with Special Needs

Kathy Fettke

State of the Market

Monick Halm

Summit Event Host

Paige Panzarello

Non-Performing Notes

Sarah Weaver

Traveling Nurses

What You'll Learn:

  • The information you need to feel confident investing in THIS (or any) economy
  • Know that your investments are contributing to a growing, flourishing neighborhood and community
  • How heart-centered investment drives both lucrative results and positive impact
  • How to plug into a community of other heart-centered women
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Do well by doing well. Build your family’s future while pouring back into your community.

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