The Strategy and Psychology to be Successful
in this Economic Climate

Thrive Through Real Estate Now with the best minds in the world


How to Survive & Thrive
Through Real Estate Virtual Summit Recordings


Access all recordings, morning meditations, speaker Q&As, and Speaker Resources and Bonus Offers from the powerful 3-day Virtual Summit. Learn the best strategies experts are using to profit now in this economy.  


What you'll get:

  • 3 Daily Meditations
  • 12 Presenter Interviews and Webinars
  • 3 Speaker Q&As and Virtual Happy Hours
  • Speaker Resource Library
  • BONUS: Live VIP access to the upcoming "Funding & Financing During the Age of Covid-19" Virtual Summit.



Thrive Baby Thrive!

"Excellent summit, Monick Paul Halm. The speakers gave great value on the different ways to survive and thrive in RE. I’m excited to take action. Thanks for putting this together."

Donnise Webb

"Thank You Monick Paul Halm for putting on this much needed Summit and making a wealth of information available to real estate investors. You are an amazing leader and I congratulate you on a successful event!"

Marie Grasmeier

" I have enjoyed the great content shared during the summit. I have been looking forward to tuning in each day. Thank you for assembling so many incredibly inspiring women who shared so many knowledge nuggets with us."

Sheletha Drew

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