Real Estate Investor Goddesses Wealthy Goddess Program

A feminine and empowering way to create wealth through real estate

You don't have to do this alone

Join our sisterhood. Let's co-elevate together in the Wealthy Goddess Mastermind - a cohort of women building wealth and a pleasure-filled life together.

You may be asking yourself...

Is this a wise investment? How will I really know it's for me?

If you've had a curiosity about real estate investing, then I can promise you this program will distill the information you need to get started quickly (jargon-free) and build the life of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible (with the support of an amazing sisterhood who's doing it with and beside you). 

I've taken over a hundred thousand of dollars in different courses and trainings (plus have made millions of my own mistakes) in growing my own real estate business, and have developed a 7-step framework to help you laser-focus on ONLY the tasks you need to build the real estate business of your dreams (for women, by women!). 

🌟 The real question is not IF you should make this investment it's WHEN...🌟

What will be the impact of living another year on the hamster wheel that you're currently on?



12 months of Wealthy Goddess Masterminds including three all-day intimate masterminds with special guests. This is where you develop your mindset, create powerful relationships, and tap into the group to strategically create your blueprint for success.


16-Week Wealthy Goddess Masterclass - a step-by-step custom program that delves deepers into the W.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Formula and helps you build your clarity, confidence, focus and plan for creating your passive real estate streams and dreams.


LIFETIME Wealthy Goddess Membership Program Access - you get access to all the online educational tools and virtual trainings for life!


Bi-monthly Ask-Anything Q&A and Training Sessions - get on live with Monick and your sisters 2x per month to ask all your questions about anything real estate investing related.


Monthly Real Estate Investing Expert Q&As Vault - each month you are invited to a zoom webinar where you have the chance to learn from an expert. You also have access to the ever-increasing vault with dozens of recordings on many topics.


Wealthy Goddess Accountability Pods - you will get placed in a new pod each month with a small group of Goddesses. The powerful structure and ritual of these pods will support you, create powerful rel and hold each other accountable for all the goals you have set whether small or big. You never have to go it alone!


VIP Access to all REIG In-Person & Virtual Events - 12 months of VIP access to all our paid in-person and virtual events


Private FB group access - we have created a private group for members of the Wealthy Goddess Program where you can further connect, team up, and ask questions


Priority Access to the Goddess Fund and the REIG Investor Club - you will have first dibs at our curated investment opportunities that usually fill up fast!


BONUSES: To start you off on the right track you will get the REI Millionaire Prep Course, a REIGoddesses T-shirt, The REI Goddess Handbook, and a REI Goddesses journal


Total Value $41,555+

Regular Price   $̶16,997.00

Masterclass Pricing



Full Pay $11,997 3 Payments of $4,197 12 Payments of $1,197

By the end of the Program, you'll have:


Stop trading your time for money! Enjoy the freedom to do work you love (or not work at all!).  Enable yourself to stop working and have your money working for YOU.


Sleep soundly knowing your money is invested in real property that is recession-resistant. Keep your investments away from the unscrupulous folks on Wall Street (and in a place that helps you and local communities thrive.


Take advantage of the passive income and immense tax benefits of real estate WITHOUT dealing with tenants, toilets or termites.  


In this easy to follow course written and shared in plain English, you will learn the A-Z of passive investing in real estate so you can focus on sleep, vacation, time with friends and family!


This course is designed to help you invest quickly (while avoiding mistakes that plague many beginner investors!).


With this unique program created BY a woman FOR women, you can invest in an empowering way that honors your feminine nature, (while joining a sisterhood of other female investors to cheer you on and support you).

"I was afraid of real estate, but I came to the event last year and I joined the mastermind program. With Monick’s support and the help of the other women in the program, I got into my first investment after 3 months. It's a passive investment and I’m making 23% annualized return!"

Arlene Broussard
Wealthy Goddess

"I have 25 years of real estate experience in single family, but I didn’t want 100 doors on 100 properties. I realized I needed to level up and invest in apartment buildings. So I joined as a personal mentoring student of Monick’s, and now I’m invested in 646 unit property in Atlanta, and with her help I syndicated another 250 unit property. Monick taught me to be bigger, be better and be bodacious."

Kimle Nailer
Wealthy Goddess

" The Wealthy Goddess Program is incredible! The money mindset piece has really transformed my life. I started the program in January and in the first three quarters of the year I 5X’d my previous year’s income! Now I am looking for a commercial property to purchase for my business and can easily pay the downpayment for the properties that I acquire.” "

Ana Moskus
Wealthy Goddess

Regular Price   $̶16,997.00

Special Launch Pricing



Full Pay $11,997 3 Payments of $4,197 12 Payments of $1,197

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"This program was 'off the charts transformative'! I have participated in a couple other Real Estate learning programs before. The REIG Program, however is different. Not only because it's for women, but because it also incorporates things like visualization and meditation! With this Program I am now able to SEE the future me and FEEL what it feels like to be a bad ass real estate investor who owns 20 properties and has financial freedom. My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to step out and do it!"

Zabrina Horton
Wealthy Goddess

"Prior to participating in the program, I had a VERY different view of money. Since completing this course, my money mindset and ideas about real estate investing have completely shifted. There are strategies and approaches that I have learned that I NEVER would have even known were a possibility had I not taken this course. Most of all, I was able to connect with other like-minded women hungry to learn about real estate investing. My advice for those thinking of taking this program is to go for it! Hands down, Monick's expertise, teaching and personalized support are the most affordable AND most robust on the market. "

Justine Gonzalez
Wealthy Goddess

"Before I joined this Program I longed to get involved in Real Estate Investing, but I knew that I needed support and guidance. With this Program I was able to receive that support from my sisters in the Wealth Building community. I had an accountability partner and structure in weekly assignments that developed confidence and knowledge. As a result, I expect to boldly exceed my goals. I have embraced a uniquely feminine perspective that promotes mindfulness around every aspect of my life and this business. My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to get uncomfortable. Be willing to enter the program with an open mind and the braveness to try things and concepts that you have not before, and watch as everything opens up and shifts into your new life. "

Mika Williams
Wealthy Goddess

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures and the sales figures of successful students. Please understand my results are not typical. I'm not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I'm using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors...including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not register.